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Returning Client
Appointment Booking Instructions
When You Do NOT Have Prepaid Sessions


First, go to the booking website here.

To book appointments as a returning client, there are two options:


1) Returning Client *WITHOUT* Already Prepaid Sessions
(Instructions below on this page)
2) Returning Client WITH a prepaid package (that has already been purchased) 

For instructions for this option, see this page.


If you: 

• Only want to book a single session
• Do not have a prepaid package, but want to buy one in person
and book all or some of your sessions now

Use the option highlighted in the image below.
(Discounted package deals are now only sold in person for cash due to rising merchant fees.)


Available dates appear on this screen in white.

Unavailable dates are grayed out.

Click on a date to see the available times for that day.


The date you select will be shown in black.

Available times for that day will appear to the right.

Select a time or choose a different date.

Why does it only let me select one date?

You can only book one appointment at a time

Continue on to complete this appointment and then go back and begin again
to book your next appointment.


The next screen shows you that you are booking on
this date and time for a returning client WITHOUT a prepaid package.


If everything is correct, click on
“Looks Good – Let’s Check Out” to proceed.


The following screen shows you that you are booking with me
on this date and time for this type of service.

Click on “Looks Good – Let’s Check Out” to proceed.


Have a look through them as they change from time to time.
This is the only place that I can leave you notes in the booking process.

Important notes for booking a plastic surgery recovery lymphatic massage


The next screen asks you if there is anything you’d like to tell me. 

It also notifies you of the main aspects of the cancellation policy.


Click on “I agree with the cancellation policy.”
Notes and cancellation policy


On the next screen returning clients may pay ahead of time if they wish,
or they may choose to pay at the time of service.

Returning clients are not required to pre-pay
unless they have been a no-show or have had multiple late cancellations.

If you know that you have not shown up for your appointment or you have cancelled late
on more than one occasion, you may be flagged in the system so that you cannot book online. 

If this is the case, you may still make an appointment, but you must pre-pay. 
Find a time that works for you and text me.  I can make the appointment for
you and take Venmo/ApplePay/CashApp.


Be Sure to Check For the Confirmation Email!

Once you complete the booking,
it is super important that you check for your confirmation email.

If you didn’t get an email that looks something like the one below,
your appointment was not made!!

(Check your SPAM/Junk folder as it often ends up there.)


Not what you needed to know?
Here are the other instructions.


Make my


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Cancel or Reschedule
an Existing Appointment


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