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At Pain & Swelling Solutions of Albuquerque all sessions are customized to your needs.  We offer a number of different types of therapy, and we take time to get to know your issues and tailor your session to your specific needs.  

So while you might sign up for a Myofascial Release, you may also have a congested head and need a bit of lymphatic drainage.  Not a problem.  We work that into your session so that you come out feeling 110% better.

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Get the

Full 60 Minutes You Pay For

Many therapists book clients back to back with little to no downtime in between.  What this means to you is that when you pay for an “hour session,” you only get 50-55 minutes instead of the full 60.  In that 10 minutes or so that is chopped off of your hour, your therapist has to change the sheets and prep for the next person – and try to take a restroom break.

Independent therapists like at Pain & Swelling Solutions make their own schedules so that our clients get the full 60 minutes when they book an hour session.  With us you are a person with issues to be solved, and you get a proper evaluation and assessment.  You are not just whoever happened to book the 2:00 PM appointment slot.

Have you ever realized when you were just getting into bed that you meant to schedule a therapy session for the next day? 
With Pain & Swelling Solutions that’s no problem. 

Just log onto our online booking site and make your appointment – even if it’s 3:00 AM.

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Hundreds of Hours of Advanced Training

Continuing Education

Pain & Swelling Solutions of Albuquerque believes that there is always some way to improve by learning more techniques.  Many therapists only get the required training for licensure and then attend a couple of classes every couple of years to meet continuing education requirements.  

In New Mexico that is only 16 hours every two years.

At Pain & Swelling Solutions, continuing education is paramount.  Hundreds of extra hours in continuing education ensure that you are getting the highest quality treatment from a well-trained, highly-educated therapist.

Get your lymph moving again, reduce your pain and swelling, improve your immune function, and help to keep you healthier.

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