BBL Hack:  How to Sleep After a BBL

(It is possible to sleep on your back safely with this BBL hack.)

Read on to find out how to sleep on your back with a BBL.

How to Sleep on your back after a BBL - Albuquerque plastic surgery recovery


“I Can’t Sleep!”

This is one of the most common complaints I hear from my clients who have had a BBL.  This article explains how to sleep on your back after a BBL.

Can't sleep after a BBL - how to sleep on your back after a BBL


With sleep being so critical to a quick recovery after any surgery, not being able to sleep well for weeks on end presents a clear problem.  Even worse, that lack of sleep makes recovery take even longer.

Most women have to be back to work in a couple of weeks – and chores around the house are stacking up.  No one wants to ask for help, and getting no sleep makes everything so much harder.

There is a solution!
Read on.

What about
BBL & Boobs
(or Tummy Tuck)
at the Same Time?

Some very fortunate women have an easier recovery because they are able to sleep comfortably on their stomachs – but that’s not most women. 

If you are reading this post about how to sleep on your back after a BBL, then this probably isn’t you.  Right?

Even these ladies who can sleep on their stomachs comfortably can have it rough if they decide to get a BBL and a Breast Augmentation (BA) or Tummy Tuck (TT) at the same time. 

Then, how do you sleep?!?! 

You can’t sleep on your back or sides because of the BBL, and you can’t sleep on your stomach because of the Breast Augmentation or Tummy Tuck.

What can you possibly do?
  Sleep standing up? 
What about hanging upside down
– like a bat?

Neither of these options appeal to you?
Keep reading for BBL sleeping hacks.

Hasn't slept because of BBL
Does this look like you? Then, you probably had a BBL & TT or BA. 🙂

Do you think these poor women show up in their bathrobes to see me for their post-operative lymphatic massages looking nothing less than totally strung out?  Of course, they do!  They haven’t slept in who knows when, and probably only an hour or two at most!

Is any of this sounding familiar?

Do you think these poor women show up in their bathrobes to see me for their post-operative lymphatic massages looking nothing less than totally strung out?  Of course, they do!  They haven’t slept in who knows when, and probably only an hour or two at most!

Is any of this sounding familiar?


You Aren’t the Only One with This Problem

I see this same issue every single day in my practice. 
Women who had surgery a week or two before in Miami, or Mexico, or the DR show up looking like zombies,
and my heart just goes out to them.  Why?


Sadly, all of their lost sleep was for nothing.  Had they had known in advance how to prepare for sleeping after a BBL, they would have been much more comfortable and would be already feeling much better by the time they got to me.

This method works better than the cut out butt area in the lawn chair, better than the avocado float, and dozens of other desperate attempts to create a suitable place to sleep on one’s back after a BBL.

So, if you are about to get a BBL,
plan ahead with this simple BBL Hack! 
If you know someone about to have a BBL, PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH THEM! 
They will thank you for it later
– I promise.



The Solution for How to Sleep on Your Back with a BBL

how to sleep on your back with a BBL


So, what is all of this stuff? 

How is it different from what you’ve already tried at home?

Great questions!  Let me explain what you see in the picture above.

Under the Head: 

Under the head there is obviously a normal pillow.  No surprise here.  But, what is different is that under the pillow are several folded towels.  Towels don’t collapse like pillows, so they keep your head raised up.

Also, having good quality pillows is key. Thin, flat, or easily collapsible pillows won’t suffice.  I personally use Beautyrest Black pillows, and my clients ALL love them. 

You can get the Beautyrest Black pillows here on Amazon. (ad link)

sleep with bbl plastic surgery


Under the Legs: 

Under the legs is another regular pillow with a BBL pillow on top.  If you don’t own a BBL pillow like this one, you need to whether you are trying to make this setup or not.  You need it to sit.  Click here to get this BBL pillow on Amazon. (Amazon Ad Link)


sleep with bbl plastic surgery BBL pillow


Under the Back – The Magic Trick! 

It doesn’t seem like much by looking at this picture, but these two round blue pillow-like looking things (called bolsters) are what makes this setup so special.

The bolsters are soft, but firm.  They don’t collapse over time.  They are wide, so you don’t feel like you are falling off.  Simply put, they are the magic piece that makes this whole thing so comfortable.

You are up and off of your butt,
so there is no pressure
to worry about.  Ta-da!!! 
Best of all, most everything
you need you should already
own at home. 

You just need to get 2 bolsters.
(Yes, you need 2.)
I’ve had people try to save a few bucks by just getting one,
and it doesn’t work.


How to Get Your Bolsters
So You Can Sleep on Your Back with a BBL

Great News!
You can get it on Amazon.  Just click the link below.

Pro tip:  Sometimes these bolsters are not tall enough because they may not have just enough filling to keep you elevated high enough.  This varies due to different body shapes and sizes.  

If you get your bolsters and still touch on your butt when on the BBL platform, simply unzip the bolsters and place 2-3 hand towels folded long ways inside the bolster cover.  Be sure to keep the towels on the zipper side.  This provides elevation while preserving the amazing soft feeling for your back on the non-zippered side (the side you lie upon).  Problem solved! 

sleep on back with bbl bolster under backFluffy Massage Bolster
Amazon Ad

Why This Method Works Better
Than Other Things You’ve Heard About

  1.  You are positioned in a natural way, not wedged into a cut-out in a chair or shoved into a hole in a pool float.
    The best thing about this setup for sleeping on your back after a BBL is that you are in a natural position.  Your body is not having to conform to an unnatural shape which will leave you with back aches beyond your wildest imagination.  Your back is already going to be sore – especially those of you who have also had a tummy tuck.  Don’t make it worse by trying to sleep in a pool float.
  2. There is ZERO compression on your hips, which is what happens when you try to squeeze into a cut out chair or pool float.
    So, just to provide people with options – because people like to be able to choose for themselves – I have these pool floats listed on my website in the 25+ Best Plastic Surgery Recovery Hacks for how to sleep on your back after a BBL.  However, they really are not a very good option because they end up putting pressure on your hips.  Most BBL’s I see have at least a little fat put in the hip dip area.  You paid lots of money for that correction, so don’t compress it either.
  3. This setup actually supports you, unlike all the pillow towers you have tried to build for yourself (unsuccessfully).
    While pillows are comfortable, the fact of the matter is that pillows are not stable.  That means if you try to build up a place to sleep that keeps your butt elevated so it isn’t getting squished, it won’t stay that way for long.  This setup is stable and will last until you move it.
  4. It fits on your bed at home, so your partner can still sleep next to you.
    My table at work is 35″ wide, which is just slightly smaller than the width of a twin bed.  This setup fits easily in that space.
  5. It is super comfortable, and you will fall asleep!
    My clients literally let out a sigh of relief when they settle onto the “BBL platform,” which is what I call this structure.  Within minutes, most of them are asleep.  No lie.  They tell me that this is the first time that they have been comfortable since their surgery.

I hope this helped you get more sleep and be more comfortable during your recovery.

Don’t forget about getting your lymphatic massages from a qualified therapist.

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