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The Best Plastic Surgery
Recovery Supplements

Best Supplements for Post Op Recovery - Arnica, Bromelain, Pineapple, Vitamin, Fibrosis prevention

These supplement recommendations are provided for reference purposes only.  If you are recovering from surgery, you should always speak with your doctor before beginning any new supplements.  


This page has given information on supplements commonly used in plastic surgery recovery for some time, with links to Amazon for your convenience.  I am a huge fan of Amazon, myself for most things, but I recently learned that Amazon has been selling products that are often not what they claim, despite being labeled by reputable supplement manufacturers. 

Like many other people, I was unaware that Amazon sells products that are unverified for authenticity. This means that what you are buying could well be fake. A famous article written in the reputable Wired Magazine gives an example of such an instance.

It is scary not knowing what you are taking!  Does the product even contain what it claims?  Could it contain toxic things such as heavy metals – or possibly worse?

When I learned this, I went in search of a safer, more reliable resource for people to purchase their supplements. 
You can access this more reliable supplement site, along with even more info – like links to even more scientific articles here– or click the Fullscript banner below.   Fullscript is a reliable dispensary that obtains products directly from the manufacturers, so you are getting exactly what you expect.

Order post op supplements for plastic surgery recovery through Fullscript.

When you order from Fullscript, you are guaranteed high quality, responsible shipping, and you can take advantage of my 10% discount!  AND, you can even use your HSA or FSA cards to make purchases!

When you click on the Fullscript banner, you will first see a page to enter your email address.  Then you will create an account.

After that you will see two boxes:  “View Catalog” (where you can shop at your leisure), and another one that says “Protocols“.  The protocols button is where you will find the Post Op supplements recommendations. 

There is a bit of text at the top of the page where you can expand it to read more about each supplement and see the research behind each one. 

Links below this line on this page are ad links to amazon.  I strongly recommend using the link above to a more reputable dispensary.

Juven Nutritional Supplement

Juven is a  nutritional supplement that is clinically proven to speed wound healing by 67%.  It works by enhancing collagen synthesis by supplying specialized amino acids and collagen. 

It is recommended to take Juven twice daily for a minimum of 2 weeks to support the healing of your incisions.

Juven works great after both surgery and injuries.


Bromelain is clinically proven to reduce bruising and inflammation, promote wound healing, and act as an anti-thrombotic (blood clots) agent.

Derived from pineapple, bromelain has been used for centuries.  Using the supplement is better than the commonly advertised pineapple teas and pineapple juice because they are heated (either to serve or via pasteurization).  The supplement is also better than fresh pineapple in many cases as bromelain is found in the core which is usually not eaten.


Magnesium is a natural supplement that helps with constipation post-op.  Anesthesia slows down the gut for several days.  Many people opt to take stool softeners or laxatives to remedy the problem, but they are a type of stimulant and can cause straining.

Magnesium is not a stimulant.  Its presence in the gut draws additional water into the bowel which causes movement to happen naturally.  The Calm brand comes in either a powder so you can adjust how much you take, or as gummies.  Pro tip:  start with a little and give it 6-12 hours before trying more.


Serrapeptase is a type of proteolytic enzyme that reduces inflammation and leads to less scarring – both at the point of incision and beneath the skin.

Serrapeptase breaks down dead tissues and helps the body rid itself of the excess fibrin that is responsible for poor wound healing that causes ugly scarring.  It also helps to prevent the formation of fibrosis.

Natural Vitamin C

Vitamin C is critical for building new collagen after surgery (important for skin tightening), but most vitamin C supplements are artificial and cause stomach problems and gas.

Camu Camu
is a plant high in vitamin C, giving you the necessary building blocks for collagen production without causing gas and bloating.

Supplements to Avoid

Herbs, Vitamins, and Medications
That Can Interfere with Plastic Surgery 

There are many common supplements and medicines that we buy over the counter and believe that they are harmless because they are easy to obtain (like aspirin) or because they are a natural substance.  Many of these things can interfere with your surgery by making it hard to clot (a necessary process to stop bleeding) or they have other undesirable effects.

  • Vitamin E
  • Chromium
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Ginkgo
  • Goldenseal
  • Ginseng
  • Feverfew
  • Flaxseed
  • Fish oil
  • Echinacea
  • Licorice
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Ephedra
  • Kava-Kava
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Valerian Root
  • Appetite Suppressants (including herbal ones)
  • Pain killers that are also blood thinners such as aspirin, Motrin, Advil