Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) utilizes state-of-the-art tools to significantly improve lymphatic drainage.  It does this by precisely targeting and unclogging coagulated pockets of lymph located in the lymph nodes or in lymphatic pathways throughout the body.  Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) is painless and highly effective, especially in complex lymphatic cases.

electro-lymphatic therapy

The Difference Between MLD and Electro-Lymphatic Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is considered the “gold standard” for the treatment of lymphatic conditions such as lymphedema.  In MLD the therapist uses hand techniques with very specific pressure and direction.  This technique moves lymphatic fluid out of swollen areas to return it to general circulation.

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy accomplishes the same movement of fluid out of swollen tissues, but it is done with special wands that create electrostatic energy fields.  This electrostatic energy field decoagulates lymph, markedly increasing lymphatic motility (movement).

electro-lymphatic therapy

How Electro-Lymphatic Therapy Compares with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

In Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) the same process occurs in that fluid is moved from swollen areas back to the circulatory system.  However, instead of using hands for this therapy, special glass wands containing three noble gasses are used. 

These three noble gasses, argon, neon, and krypton (not kryptonite!), are excited by electricity coming from the XP2 machine.  When placed on the skin, the glass wands transmit ions that break up coagulated lymph proteins.

The proteins in lymph are not destroyed, rather, they are made less “sticky.”  The effect is similar to removing static cling from clothing.  The cells in the lymphatic fluid change it from a jello-like state to more of a water-like state, thereby permitting it to flow freely in the lymphatic system. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a much slower process and its effect on deep lymphatic vessels in the torso and the head is much less significant than lymphatic drainage done by ELT.  The deep lymphatic vessels of the torso are like the freeways of our lymphatic system.  Most of the lymph in the body must pass through these freeways to get back into general circulation, and ELT can target these pathways directly.

The result of using Electro-Lymphatic Therapy is that results tend to hold longer, and in people with Lymphedema bandaging may be significantly reduced or eliminated during reduction.

Getting your lymph moving again can
reduce swelling, improve your immune function, and help to keep you healthier.

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