What is Medical Massage?

Medical Massage is not what you might think of as a regular massage.  Instead, it modifies standard massage therapy techniques to safely work with various medical conditions.  The session would be more akin to “massage” performed by a physical therapist than your typical “spa massage.”  Its purpose is to address a particular problem such as a deep scar adhesion or correcting limited range of motion of a limb that has been injured or surgically altered.
what is Medical Massage
medical massage applies to people who are wheelchair bound or have difficulty with mobility

Medical Massage is appropriate for persons who have medically implanted devices like ports, insulin pumps, and colostomy bags.

Other medical conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF) and ulcers.  Likewise, Medical Massage is appropriate for people who have mobility challenges, including paralysis.

As a result of treatment or implanted devices, special care must be taken to modify techniques for fragile skin and other tissues or to not disturb implanted devices.  

Additionally, people who are on medications that make them nauseated, incontinent, or who have a hard time breathing when laying flat require special adaptations.  

Medical Massage is also appropriate for people suffering from Chron’s Disease, IBS, and related conditions because techniques are modified so that the gut is not upset and bathroom breaks are anticipated and not something that should cause embarrassment. 

Above all, the goal of Medical Massage is to provide relief to the client while keeping him or her safe

what is Medical Massage
medications and their effects are also a consideration when designing a medical massage plan

Medical procedures, implanted medical devices, and special medications often cause people to be more delicate and they require more attentive care and special accommodations.   If performed by a therapist who is untrained in appropriate accommodation, getting a simple massage could be potentially harmful.  

Medical Massage Therapy certification ensures that a therapist knows what questions to ask and how to modify techniques to keep a client safe.  

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