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How to Book an Appointment

from a Package

how to book an appointment from a package
First, go to the Client Portal Here.

(If you don’t have a login yet,
you may not have activated your client portal.
Look for an email that reads:
“Sign up for Shannon Goins-Blair’s Client Portal on Practice Better”
and click the link in the email.)


Once logged in, you will see the screen below.

Click on Packages on the left.

How to book a package session


You will be taken to the “My Packages” screen.

Here you can see your package details, including:

• The number of sessions you purchased
• The number of sessions remaining (in light gray)
• The expiration date of your package (1 year from date of purchase)
• Payment status
• The Book Session Link
• View Button (where you can see package details)


To Book, click “Book Session”
list of your packages


You will see the screen below.
To select a session use the sideways arrow (a little hard to see – circled in red) to proceed.
select session to book


You will see the following screen.
First, select a date.
(The dates highlighted in light purple are the available dates.)
Next, select the time you want below the calendar in the drop-down list.
(Only available times for that day are displayed.)
Then, click Next in the bottom right-hand of the screen.
(Next will be grayed out until you have selected both date and time.)
Select your date and time for your package session


You will then see a summary screen of your appointment details.
Click “Confirm and Book” at the bottom right-hand side.
Preview Appointment details


You may be asked to complete a Captcha
to verify you are human.
(I hate these, too.)


You will be re-routed to the following page if the booking is successful.
How to book your lymphatic massage appointment with Shannon Goins-Blair

That’s it!  You are all set.

If you still want to double-check your appointment,
log into the Client Portal Here.