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ASEA RENU 28 for Scar Healing

RENU 28 by ASEA is a Product Highly Recommended by
Pain & Swelling Solutions for Scar Tissue Healing.

Many of the people who come to Pain & Swelling Solutions
are recovering from surgery and are anxious to heal their scars. 

ASEA Renu 28 speeds up that process, helping you to
achieve the look you want in less time.

What is ASEA?

ASEA is a solution of stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules that when taken up by the body are used to:
1) reduce inflammation and
2) reduce oxidative stress.

It does this by facilitating the production of good, healthy cells while simultaneously assisting the body in ridding itself of damaged, less-functional cells. 

This is ideal for scar healing as we want as much formation of normal, healthy tissue as possible, while encouraging the removal of temporary scar tissue that forms in the initial stages of healing.  It is the failure of this temporary scar tissue to dissolve and be absorbed by the body which causes stiff, unsightly scars and adhesions. 

How Does ASEA Work?

Redox Signaling Molecules are vital to our overall health, and learning about how they work can be difficult to understand at first. 
If you are just now finding out about ASEA, here’s a great simple explanation of how Redox Signaling Molecules work.


ASEA Renu28 is available for purchase during your appointment at Pain & Swelling Solutions. 
Alternatively, you may want to buy ASEA at wholesale pricing.  You may do so by becoming a preferred customer with a monthly auto-ship, or you can sign up as a rep and sell it yourself.  Follow the link and then go to “Join Here” at the top of the page.

By signing up, you can take advantage of the full line of ASEA products including the ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement, ASEA Renu Advanced, and ASEA Via Nutritional Supplements.